Literature racking, transportation, distribution, and storage.

AAA Distribution Order Form

 AAA Offices - Access this PDF form, select destinations, save form, then send to to request travel and attraction guides from New York State. Ordering and shipping are FREE for your AAA offices.  

Not sure what you're looking for? Click on the maps at the bottom of the page to see the counties and vacation regions around NYS. 

How this Program Works

BCI provides literature racking, transportation, distribution and storage services to a multitude of clients in the New York State tourism industry, including destination marketing organizations.

We provide interested clients with the opportunity to use BCI to distribute their travel brochures on demand to AAA offices.

We encourage AAA offices to use this form as needed to indicate the amounts of brochures you need to replenish your racks, and we’ll box it up and send it out to you. Allow time for shipping (may take 2-4 weeks).

Need a destination brochure we don’t list here? Let’s talk! BCI has contacts all over NY. Maybe we can find what you’re looking for.