Literature racking, transportation, distribution, and storage.

Other Details

  • You  can pick the month you would like your distribution to start. For  example, a 6-month contract could run May to October or June to  November. BCI staff will help estimate the quantity of brochures  required for the length of time you select.  
  • We're  striving to position and maintain a minimum of 20 racks in high volume  locations in each market, with an eventual goal of establishing  approximately 35-40 racks total in each market (We're rapidly building  relationships and establishing racks in each market).   
  • Our racks can display multiple sizes of literature. No brochure is too BIG or SMALL for our displays.  
  • Our racks are serviced regularly by our dedicated and caring staff.  
  • Our  racks are strategically placed at Travel Agencies, AAA Offices, RV  Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and many other  publicly-accessed locations.  
  • Customers that purchase individual brochure distribution contracts, receive:  
    • FREE distribution to NYSTIA Consumer Shows.*  
    • FREE storage of literature.  
    • FREE delivery to NYS Thruway Info Centers located on Interstate 90 in Western and Central NY.  

    *BCI  will deliver your literature to NYSTIA shows. Participation in the  NYSTIA shows program requires a separate participation fee. See the  NYSTIA website for more information about their consumer shows program. 

    Payment Terms:  Invoices are mailed on the 1st day of each month of service and payment  is due 30 days upon receipt. Brand Connect Innovations, LLC reserves  the right to add interest at a rate of 18% APR to overdue accounts, and  to engage a collection agency or other legal means to collect debts over  90 days in arrears. Payment must be received before services are  rendered excluding any rolling services at the discretion of BCI, such  as postage or delivery.  

    Inventory Management and Reports: BCI will provide a monthly inventory report, either with your invoice or via monthly e-mail.  

    Brochure Quantities: Your  sales representative will suggest the quantity of brochures required  for distribution. BCI will notify clients if brochure supply is running  low. BCI reserves the right to downsize fill amounts or fill rack space  with other literature at various rack locations if client’s brochure  quantity dips below suggested minimum or runs out.  

    Placement Quantities:  With an adequate supply of brochures, BCI will fill and maintain at  least one pocket at each display reserved by the client (pending  quantities, see above). Pockets are 2 inches deep for small brochures  (4”x9’) and 3 inches deep for travel guides (8.5”x11”). If your brochure  is unusually thick and/or popular, you may need to purchase multiple  pockets to ensure a constant supply at all locations. Please talk to  your sales representative directly.  

    Service Frequency: Service  frequency for racks vary per location based on historic traffic  patterns. Service ranges from weekly to a 6-week cycle. Responsive  adjustments are made to ensure constant availability of brochures to  consumers.  

    Display Rack Locations: BCI is always  building markets and locations, and will strive to maintain the minimum  number of locations available to clients at the start of their  contracts. BCI will make every reasonable effort to replace locations  that may be discontinued as a result of property closure, policy changes  or other reason.  

    Maximum Weight: Boxes cannot exceed 35 pounds.  

    Shipping & Deliveries: Be  sure to get a quote from BCI regarding pick-up of your brochures,  either at your printer or your place of business. BCI warehouses can  accommodate pallet shipments. We have loading docks, forklifts, and all  necessary unloading equipment. ALL deliveries require a minimum 48 hour  notice. Clients must contact warehouse manager Daniel Borchert at  716.481.1485 or  to arrange delivery at the warehouse locations. NOTE: Personal  deliveries can be made to both locations, HOWEVER, shipments via UPS,  USPS or Fedex can be arranged for the WESTERN NEW YORK location ONLY.  

    Warehouse Locations: Western New York: 27 Morgan St., Akron, NY 14001 Central New York: 6238 Route 96, Romulus, NY 14541