Literature racking, transportation, distribution, and storage.


A) Brochure Distribution Services

Individual brochure distribution available in the following New York State travel markets (see map at bottom of this page):

  • Market 1: Niagara Falls USA, Buffalo, Hamburg, Amherst, Williamsville, Grand Island, Lewiston, Youngstown. (12 month contracts only for this market). 

  • Market 2: Rochester, Batavia, Darien Lake, Leroy, Mumford/Rte. 490, Western Finger Lakes (Geneseo/Rte. 390, Victor, Canandaigua).

  • Market 3: Syracuse, I-90 (NYS Thruway), Rte. 81 (North to Cicero and South to Jamesville), Central Finger Lakes (Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Auburn). 

Pick the month to start your distribution to start. Example, a six-month contract could run May to October or June to November. BCI staff will help estimate the brochure quantity required for the length of time you select. 

We’re striving to position and maintain a minimum of 20 racks in high volume locations in each market, with an eventual goal of establishing approximately 35-40 racks total in each market (We’re continually building relationships and establishing racks in each market). 

  • Our racks can display multiple sizes of literature. No brochure is too BIG or SMALL for our displays.
  • Our racks are serviced regularly by our dedicated and caring staff.
  • Our racks are strategically placed at Travel Agencies, AAA Offices, RV Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and many other publicly-accessed locations.
  • Customers that purchase individual brochure distribution contracts, receive:
        FREE distribution to NYSTIA Consumer Shows.*
        FREE storage of literature.
        FREE delivery to NYS Thruway Info Centers located on Interstate 90 in Western and Central NY.

*BCI Customers that are NYSTIA Members: BCI will deliver your brochures to NYSTIA shows for which you enroll (show enrollment done direct through NYSTIA). See the NYSTIA website for more information about their consumer shows program.

B) AAA Brochure Fulfillment Program

  • Outreach: Your brochure cover appears on the order form sent to AAA offices in the Northeast and around the US. 
  • Fulfillment: We send 25, 50, 75 copies or more of your brochure to AAA offices upon request. 
  • This program is only open to BCI customers participating in a minimum 12 month brochure rack distribution. Let’s talk!

C) Brochure Storage/Inventory Control, Delivery & Pick Up Services*

  • Storage of travel guides/brochures throughout the year.
  • Prepare any bulk/box mailings you might need done, via UPS or USPS.
  • Pick-up of brochures at your printer when completed and deliver to your point of interest.
  • Monthly inventory reports sent directly to you, 
  • so you can plan for upcoming shows/events.
  • Delivery of your travel guides/brochure to the NYS 
  • Thruway Info Centers located on Interstate 90 in Western and Central NY.

*BCI customers that purchase storage/inventory control contracts receive FREE distribution by BCI to the NYSTIA Consumer Shows.


Map of Travel Markets

Approximate coverage, not to scale